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Ciao! It has been ages since the last time I posted something here. But, It didn't mean that I stopped writing. Thanks to Ms. Dhany and Mr. Baron who really helped me improving my writing skill. 
You guys... are really kind and awesome. *Bighug*

Well,I would like to share you one of my short stories. And this one has been published in "Easy"Jogja English's Monthly Bulletin - March 2015 Edition.

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It was 2.15 am. The iron wheels on the train kept going round and round. Most of the passengers were sleeping like a log. It was so cold over here. They were curled up in their blanket. But, I was still awake. It felt like drowsiness reluctant to come to me this time even my body was really exhausted. I was still drowned in my own thought.

My eyes could not stop staring at a paper. The paper that finally made me buy the train ticket in the last minute and made me go through these railways from Jakarta to Yogyakarta in this midnight trip. Yup, It was an invitation card for college alumni reunion.

Honestly, I was very excited and happy to meet them. But, by attending this reunion, I could not escape myself from remembering some memories that I had tried to erase from my mind long ago.
I put my earphone off of my ears. I had repeated the song playlist more than three times which in fact was useless to stop remembering the memories. The more I tried to forget it; the clearer memories illustrated in my mind. They seemed like thick as hail and fulfill every part of my mind. I totally could not handle my thought now.


The room turned to be quite suddenly while she was walking up to me. I was very surprised to know that she came to the music studio only to meet me. She said that she came to give me and my band an offering to be a guess star on her birthday party that would be held in a week later.

The offering made me speechless. It was like a dream for me to be invited by her and got the offering directly from her. It made me feel like I was the most special man on earth ever.

She was my classmate. We took the same major in the university. She was smart, beautiful, friendly and even fashionable. I bet that every normal guy could crush on her easily because she was not like a girl in general. I had been admiring her since my first semester in the university. She was like a star in the sky for me. I was nothing compared to other cool and famous guys in my campus who tried to get close with her. So, I chose to admire her secretly. I did not want to expect more.

Her name was Regina. Most of my friends called her “Rey” but I preferred to call her “Gina”. It just sounded cute for me and fortunately, she did not mind with it. Probably, it did not matter for her because we rarely talked to each other.

Until someday…

A lecturer chose her to be my partner in one of our campus projects. The lecturer divided the members of the class into some groups; a smart student was coupled by a ‘not smart enough’ student. It was the first time in my life that I felt lucky to be a dummy.

We had to finish the project in a month, thus we did the project almost in every day. I tried my best to look as a smart guy even I had to prepare myself since the night before and studied until midnight. I focused myself on the project only to impress her. I canceled all of my band rehearsal schedules. I declined to hang out with my friends and spent my time only to go to library or book store. I wanted her to see me not as a stupid man even if she never treated me so.

The project sadly was over and there was no reason to meet her anymore. Although the project had made us closer than before, I was still not brave enough to take her out even only for hanging out. What was wrong with me? Did I expect too much this time?


I dressed myself up, combed my hair, and sprayed my perfume to my body before stepping up to the stage. I prepared to set my guitar up, checked my microphone while my eyes tried to look her around. My heart beat one and two. Oh goodness … I thought that this nervousness was going to kill me.

My band and I were ready to start our first song. We had rehearsed so hard more than a week only for this show. I wanted to show her my best performance this time.

It was in the middle of my third song. She finally came up.

She wore a beautiful white dress. Her make up looked natural. I liked the way she tied her long hair, those shoes that she wore, her smile, and her expression while she greeted the guests. And… when I was engrossed in looking at her, unbelievably, she suddenly waved her hand and smiled at me. Wow! This was the most favorite part for me.

The party was going well so far. Everyone looked enjoy it. And so did I. I could sing the songs enjoyably. 

Until …

It was a part of the party when she had to blow the candles. But, she was not going to do it before someone who she had been waiting came up there.

Everyone asked around. The guests looked very curious, especially me.

Who was the person? How special the person was for her?

After waiting for couple minutes, the person finally came to the party; he was a cool and handsome guy with a sweet smile.

Regina ran up to the guy and directly hugged him. He smiled. He whispered something to Regina’s ear. Rubbed her head softly then brought her to the birthday tart to accompany her to make wishes and blew the candles.

It made my heart split asunder automatically.


I almost fell asleep. But the ringing from my phone disturbed me successfully. I had just got a message from Tommy. He was one of my best friends.

“Freu… No need to stay in hotel.
Just come to my house.
Spend your nights here.
Let me know if you have arrived.
I will pick u up.”

When I just put my phone back to my pocket, I heard a voice. It was the announcement from a train station. Yeah, I was about to arrive in Yogyakarta.

It had been ages since the last time I met her. Because not very long time after the birthday party tragedy, I moved out to continue my study abroad by joining a student exchange program so that I had not met her for many years. But I did not know why… my feeling to her was still the same. It did not change at all. Nay, I thought that I was a freak sometime.

I got off from the train. I was stepping up to the exit door of the train station while thinking; I was still in doubt. “Should I come to the reunion? Why if I meet her? What should I say? Maybe she will come with the guy. Maybe he has become her husband. Even they probably come to the reunion with their children also. Who knows?”

My thought was going to be wilder, wilder and wilder now. I gave up. I could not face the same situation twice. My heart was not strong enough if the worst thing happened.

I turned around then walk up to order a ticket to go back to Jakarta with the nearest schedule.


Regina entered her room. She just came from attending the reunion. Her face looked tired and gloomy.

There was a guy who was lying on her bed. Yup, he was the cool and handsome guy who had a sweet smile. He stared at Regina without saying anything.

“Are you going to mock me. Huh?” Regina said without looking to his face.

The guy got up and kept staring at Regina silently.

Regina put her bag on her bed before turning on her laptop.
She stepped up to the bathroom sink to wash her face while waiting for her laptop to be on.
And after loading for a moment, it was on.
There was a picture of a guy as the background of her laptop.

He was …


“It’s been enough for waiting. Let it go. Live your real life dear sister…” The guy said and leaves the room.


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un_yho mengatakan...

Suksesss ya adikquuu ium

un_yho mengatakan...

Suksesss ya adikquuu ium

un_yho mengatakan...

Suksesss ya adikquuu ium

un_yho mengatakan...

Suksesss ya adikquuu ium

sekar mawarni mengatakan...

this is kinda unspoken love story but why im melting ...
Love your story hehe

Vitri yanti mengatakan...

It's so touchig love story, love it yum ^_^. Mau dong diajarin nulis juga biar aktif nih si otak kanan 😄

Anindhya Sari mengatakan...

Heart beats fast trumbling up and down. Aah this story fills up an empty space in your heart. Ugh we need more stories tbh